LY1000 Millennium of Lithuania trophy

LY1000 Millennium of Lithuania trophy
  • Sub.Award Program : LRMD (LY)
  • Club of : LRMD(LY) org
  • Country for award : Lithuania
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Wood
  • Award or Trophy: Trophy
  • Begin of due Date: Thursday, 01 January 2009
  • End of due Date: Thursday, 31 December 2009
  • Date of record : Monday, 29 February 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 01 January 2100


The first reference of the name of Lithuania in written sources comes to us in the story related to the tragic end of St. Bruno’s mission in 1009 as described in the annals of Quedlinburg, Germany (Annales Quedlingburgenses).  St. Brunon, alias Bonifacius, archbishop and monk, was killed by the pagans together with 18 of his brethren on the Russian – Lithuanian border on the eleventh year of his conversion and on the 9th of March ascended into the heaven. More information you can find at


To mark millennium of Lithuania, LRMD is issuing special wooden plaque to those who will fulfil required following conditions:

Contact Special Event Stations with the prefix LY1000 (14 active stations)  or other LY stations from 01-01-2009 to 31-12-2009 and collect 1000 points.

Points are earned as follows:

A. European stations

150 points for each contact with the special Event station LY1000 (At least 5 contacts necessary.)


50 points with other LY station.


B. DX stations

300 points for each contact with the special Event station LY1000 (At least 3 contacts necessary.)

100 points with other LY station.


Special Event LY1000 stations and their operating dates

LY1000 callownerfromto
















Address for Application

Applications deadline – December 31, 2010. 

Please send certified list of contacts (no QSL please) and payment to the LRMD Award Manager.

Please give your e-mail address with your application, in case we have to contact you by e-mail.

10 EUR or eqiovalent in USD.

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