Grunwald-Zalgiris 1410-2010 trophy

Grunwald-Zalgiris 1410-2010 trophy
  • Sub.Award Program : LRMD (LY)
  • Club of : LRMD(LY) org
  • Country for award : Lithuania
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Wood
  • Award or Trophy: Trophy
  • Begin of due Date: Wednesday, 16 June 2010
  • End of due Date: Sunday, 15 August 2010
  • Date of record : Monday, 29 February 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 01 January 2100


Lithuanian and Polish colleagues will operate special event stations to mark the 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald/Zalgiris. LRMD will issue special wooden Plaques to those operators and SWL's who fulfil the following conditions: Contact special event stations with the LY600 and LY1410 prefix (13 stations), SN1410G, SN600G, SP600G, HF600PG, SQ600G and possible other special event SP stations, and collect 600 points from 16.06.2010 to 15.08.2010.

Points can be earned as follows:

A. European stations: 100 points for each contact with special event stations LY600, LY1410 or SP600G, HF600PG, SQ600G (at least 4 contacts are required); 25 points for each contact withany other LY or SP station.

B. DX stations: 200 points for each contact with a special event station LY600 or SP600G, HF600PG, SQ600G (at least 2 contacts are required); 50 points for each contact with any other LY or SP station.

Other Grunwald-Zalgiris special event stationsmay operate in Poland during the period, and they will also count for 100/200 points each.

Current information on the event may be found at:


List and operating dates of special event stations:

SN600G (via SP9PKR) 01.06-31.07.2010 

SN1410G (via SP9PKZ) 01.06-31.07.2010

SQ600G (via SP4ZHR) 25.06-20.07.2010

HF600PG (via SP4ZHT) 01.07-17.07.2010 

SP600G (via SP4KSY) 01.07-31.07.2010


All stations operating dates 16.06-15.08.2010

LY1410G (via LY3X)

LY600A (via LY5A)

LY600BY (via LY3BY) 

LY600CM (via LY1CM) 

LY600DZ (via LY2DZ)

LY600GV (via LY2GV)

LY600J (via LY3J) 

LY600KM (via LY2KM)

LY600NI (via LY2NI)

LY600Q (via LY4Q) 

LY600QT (via LY2QT)

LY600V (via LY3V)

LY600W (via LY5W).

Address for Application

Application deadline: 31.12.2011. Please send a certified list of contacts (without your QSL's) and the fee to the LRMD Award Manager. Please give your e-mail address in case we needto contact you. Fee: EUR 15.00 or equivalent in USD, or IRC's.

LRMD Award Manager: P.O. Box 1000, LT-01014 Vilnius-1, Lithuania. E-mail: diplomai(at) or ly4q(at)

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