MEDEO award

MEDEO award
  • Sub.Award Program : AARL (UN)
  • Club of : AARL(UN)
  • Country for award : Kazakhstan
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Digital
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Thursday, 01 January 2009
  • End of due Date: Friday, 01 January 2100
  • Date of record : Tuesday, 29 March 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 01 January 2100
  • EMAIL of award Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The diploma "Medeo" is sponsored by the Almaty Radio amateur League and is available to all amateurs and SWLs. Contact stations in the city of Alaty, call sign suffix always begins with "G". The diploma (plaquette) has three degrees and a Trophy level. 

Contacts may be made on all bands (including WARC) and all modes. 

Any contact with club station UN0GL and WWII veteran U7GL = 2 QSO. 

These may be on any bands.


For stations from Almaty and the Almaty area need: 

3rd Class: 15 QSOs.

2nd Class: 25 QSOs.

1st Class: 35 QSOs.

Trophy (plaquette): 50 QSOs


Requirement for all others: 

3rd Class: 3 QSOs. 

2nd Class: 7 QSOs.

1st Class: 15 QSOs.

Trophy (plaquette): 30 QSOs.

There is NO CHARGE for the Class 3,2 or 1 paper awards if you accept an electronic file with the image. Plaquette cost is $30.

Address for Application

Applications must have all the main data of the QSO, your postal address and sent to the award manager. Your receipt of payment for the award must be attached to 

the application.

The electronic version is awarded in accordance with the Regulation on Electronic KFRR awards.

SWLs must receive the call sign, the correspondent and all the QSO data. QSOs only with the existing oblasts of Kazakhstan award at the time of submission of applications are valid.All versions of the award are available in an electronic format, and there is no cost for them. 

If you wish to receive a paper version of the award, you should apply to: Almaty Amateur League, Almaty, str. Isaeva 131, 050026, Republic of Kazakhstan. 


Fees for Paper Version of Award:

a. Kazakhstan Award: Kazakhstan hams 450 tenge, CIS hams 5€, All other hams 10€

b. Medeo Award: not shown.

c. Kazakhstan Award/Band and Mode: Kazakhstan hams 450 tenge CIS hams 5€ All others 10€

d. WAKZ Award: 1€ for Kazakhstan stations, equivalent 3€ or 3 IRC for CIS countries, and 5€ or 5 IRC for all others.

e. WKZ Award - only electronic delivery.

f. SINEGORE Award - only electronic delivery


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