Amsterdam DX Certificate award

Amsterdam DX Certificate award
  • Sub.Award Program : == No-Program ==
  • Club of : ==Not-Club==
  • Country for award : Netherlands
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Classic
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Tuesday, 01 January 1957
  • End of due Date: Friday, 01 January 2100
  • Date of record : Thursday, 31 March 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 01 January 2100
  • EMAIL of award Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Amsterdam DX Club has issued the Amsterdam DX Certificate, since 1957. 

It requires proof of contact with 6 members of this Club since that date.  Any contact with a station who was a club member at the time of the QSO will be valid for the award. Many PA stations will have an indication on their QSL such as: member ADXC or valid for ADXC.  They also may bear one of the publicity labels issued during various years. Also valid are contacts with ADXC members when they operate /P or /A from a second QTH in the Netherlands.  

No mode, date, band restrictions. 

The award is also available to SWLs. 

Contacts you have made under any valid call sign will count.

Address for Application

Send GCR list and fee of $US8, 5€ or 6 IRC to: Jan Visser ( PG2AA),  Wethouder in 't Veldstraat 28, 1107 BJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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