TPA (All Countries of America) award

TPA (All Countries of America) award
  • Sub.Award Program : RCA (LU)
  • Club of : RCA(LU)
  • Country for award : Argentina
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Classic
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Tuesday, 20 November 1945
  • End of due Date: Friday, 01 January 2100
  • Date of record : Thursday, 03 March 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 01 January 2100


TPA - TODOS LOS PAISES DE AMERICA (All Countries of America): Awarded for contacts made in any band or mode with 21 American countries and Canada. Countries: CE, CO, CP, CX, HC, HH, HI, HK, HP, HR, LU, OA, PY, TG, TI, VE, W, XE, YN, YS, YV, ZP.

Address for Application

Radio Club Argentino (RCA) awards will be issued to any recognized radio amateur holding an official license. Each request must be acompanied by a log-extract or list of the appropiate contacts for the award. The list must be accompanied by the corresponding QSL cards or by a statement from an officer of the national Amateur Radio Society stating that the necessary cards have been checked. All QSOs must be made November 20, 1945 or later, except where otherwise noted. Contacts with mobile stations will not be accepted (exept for the CEMA and CEMARA awards). 

The fee for each certificate is 10 IRCs ( 5 Pesos or 5 US Dollars). The fee for endorsements is 4 IRCs ( 2 Pesos or 2 US Dollars). Awards applications must be sent to: Radio Club Argentino, Awards Manager Sr. Arnaldo Mirabelli, LU3BU, POBox 97, 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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