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Hunting is inherent to man since ancient times. Hunting stimulated, educated , gave new skills and qualities. Hunting injects adrenaline and activates not only the processes in the body, but also the activity of the brain. Due to hunting developed many qualities that help the modern man in life.
Hunt for awards and trophies in amateur radio also fills activity , excitement and energy of creation .
Anyone who is engaged in the hunt for awards or trophy , came up with this on his own. I would like here to recall a few details from their history of hunting for awards.
It began hunting for me, in the second half of the 70s . Then, there was little information about the awards. Awards in the vast Soviet Union was quite easy to get and the value of the award was comparable to the cost of lunch. But foreign awards - this is the whole story, interesting and intriguing with their faces and turns.
There were no computers. And I had to do all the records on paper. This paper logs, hardware magazines. For notebooks, leaflets, cards and thick brownies books.
So, I realized that I need to somehow organize their work on the air. And not only the entry in the hardware log. And somehow comfortably readable and clearly , quickly readable and analyzable.
I analyzed the main area one I hear often enough and able to work, who can do with difficulty, someone I really difficult dozvatsya and do. Also analyzed the situation awards. 
What can be stated without any problems - then, in the USSR, awards in the vast Soviet Union could claim and obtain just enough. But the number of foreign ones, were limited and very small amount could claim and obtain, for all this was done only through CRC Soviet Union ( USSR Central Radio Club of E.T.Krenkel ). Now I do not see options for detours, often illegal ways while obtaining foreign awards .
The analysis has led me to a few tables and lists. Then I made a special Brownies books, leaflets, cards for discharge and accounting for awards. As well as a constant visual aid - card. The geographical and political maps. Maps of the USSR, Europe, Asia and the world, after the United States, Germany (then East and West Germany ) and some countries . 
This enabled to make for awards hunting process is not just boring, and interesting and developing. Steel Handbook atlases, dictionaries, books on geography, geography contour map ( they can be on their own redraw tanned area, write to them, stroking colored pencils ).
The first diplomas, like a radio amateur, I said not on the finished forms, and on sheets of paper, hand- lined and marked as an application. Let me remind you that at that time all in the application written by hand. Then applied received QSL-cards and application claims - sight- confirmed in the radio club. Further, this application I was able to send directly to radio club, which gave a specific award. 
You understand that leaving is not only a week, but a few months, while there was all this red tape, to get a diploma. It was complicated. Come and gather everything you need, and execute and endorse, and then expect yourself award.
Can you imagine that after all of these cases, you get a large envelope or receipt for a letter or parcel at the post office. It was great fun. Even before the opening of the envelope or parcel. You understand what a diploma at the postal address, and rejoiced, rejoiced. Opening the envelope , the envelope and pulled out a award - You were full of joy and some new feeling which had not previously experienced, before hunt for employment awards.
 You understand that this is the result of sleepless nights, and your entries in notebooks, cards, leaflets, and works on the design, the sight and with the expectation of delivery. It was worth it!
I remember those feelings, the joy and excitement ... It is inexpressibly and remembered for a lifetime ... Of course, I showed the diploma to his parents, sister, grandmother. But that is another story, a very interesting and instructive.
I am feeling that the attentive reader has already made his mark ( in the head, on paper), as it is possible to begin to hunt for diplomas. A wise man can, by analogy with something to draw conclusions and look for a solution that is suitable for him. And stupid, and do not usually finish until the end of the article. 
Therefore, consider how you can start your hunt for a diploma, according to your possibilities and applied technologies ( notebooks , paper, computer, hardware el.logi and magazines, special software, internet, tablet, smart phones and other gadgets, devices ). Remember that our hunt, in contrast to the ancient hunting Man, does not require a sharp harpoon or spear, but requires a good head and a sharp mind, hard work, diligence and patience.
Good Luck! And nice award hunting!
Igor Getmann

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