Trophy) may be applied by all stations who can prove contacts with Byelorussian stations with different prefixes. Prefixes are defined according the WPX award rules, for instance: EU1, EU2, EU3..., EW1, EW2..., EV1, EV2..., UC1, UC2, UC3, UC6, UC50..., RC2, EZ2, UK2, RK2...

  • "PX-BELARUS-TROPHY" - for QSO-HRD with 40 Prefixes of Belarus

Trophy of "PX-BELARUS-TROPHY" are made of the special board having appearance of expensive wood (the basis is delivered from Germany) and has a thin metal label with a golden metal shade that pretends are very attractive. size of A5 (150 x 200 mm).

PX-BELARUS-TROPHY - for QSO-HRD with 40 Prefixes of Belarus

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