• Sub.Award Program : VU2UR (VU)
  • Club of : ==Not-Club==
  • Country for award : India
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Digital
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Tuesday, 15 August 1972
  • End of due Date: Friday, 31 December 2100
  • Date of record : Wednesday, 20 July 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 31 December 2100
  • EMAIL of award Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Requirements: Work different stations from Andaman and Nicobar Islands as follows: 

For Basic Award, you need 4 different Andaman and 1 Nicobar QSO. 

For First Class Award, you need 8 different Andaman and 1 Nicobar QSOs and for 

Excellence Class, you need 12 different Andaman and 2 Nicobar QSOs. 

Fee ONLY 2 IRCs . Submit GCR list.

Address for Application

Send GCR list, signed by two amateurs or by the Awards Manager of the National society, to the Awards Manager VU2UR, B.L.Manohar ,MIG-6, 80 Feet Road, Kengeri Upanagara, Bangalore 560060, India. The Multi Color Award is available in "pdf" format only and will be sent to your E-mail address so you may print using your equipment. Endorsements for any one Band or mode is available. If you have confirmed double the number of QSOs required from each of the above countries, the award will be endorsed "EXCELLENCE".

Fee for the award is 5Ђ, $US7 or 7 IRCs. The fee of Ђ or $ MUST be sent through a Demand Draft on any Indian Bank, favouring " B.L.MANOHAR", at BANGALORE, India. OR through an International 

Money Order in favour of B.L.MANOHAR, at the above address OR IRCs, (latest series available), are to be sent by "registered mail" ONLY, as postal losses are a problem.

— VU2UR Series —

General Requirements: SWL OK. No date limit. All bands and modes including WARC bands OK.  Please read the requirements of each award. 

Check from your VU log, and you may be qualifying for more than ONE award. I request all of you to send your VU log to me first I will check your log and would notify you about the number of awards you can claim. 

You can send ONE GCR list, claiming more than one award, after my checking your VU log.  Due to postal security problems, fees in Ђ or US$ must be sent as Demand Draft from a Bank payable to "B.L.Manohar, at. Bangalore" or IRCs sent by Registered Mail only.  Endorsements are available for Mode and band.   The awards are "A4" size (210x297 mm), in multi-colour. The awards are issued in the ELECTRONIC FORM and sent to your E-mail Id, ready to be 

downloaded at your end, in "pdf" format. Send application and fee to: 

B.L.Manohar VU2UR; MIG-6, 80 Feet Road, Kengeri Upanagara; 

BANGALORE 560 060, India.


Claiming multiple awards:  If you are claiming more than three awards, the question of your sending the award fee, gets easier. 

For those claiming less than three awards, IRC mode may be convenient.\par The fee 

for 3 awards is 3 Euros; for 4 awards- 4 Euros; 

for 5 awards- 5 Euros. For 6 or 7 Awards, also 5 Euros only . 

Please do not send any Green Stamps or Euros in snail mail, which are always stolen in transit.


Name of Award

 Award Level



1. Annilamici Award

 Basic Award

 7 IRC or bank draft for $US7 or 5E.


  Other than basic award without applying for basic award

 10 IRC , $US10 or 5E.




2. VU Flora Fauna

 Basic Award

 3E, $US5 or 7 IRC.


3.Himalaya-Hind Railway

 Basic Award

 2E, $3US or 5 IRC.


  First Class Award

 3E, $US5 or 6 IRC.


4. VU 10 Million Pin and 5. World Heritage

 Basic Award

 2E, $US3 or 5 IRC.


  First Class and Excellence

 3E, $US5 or 6 IRC.


6. Andaman Islands Award All 2 IRC's.  

7 Andaman and Nicobar Isl. Award All 2 IRC's.  

8. Worked LAKSHADWEEP ISLANDS Award  All 2 IRC's. 


10. Worked Coastal Islands of India ( WCII Award ) All 2 IRC's  

11. Worked VU Contesters Award (WVU C Award) All 2 IRC's.  

12. Worked SILICON CITY Award (WS-C Award)

 All 2 IRC's.  

Proof of Contact required:  


Annilamici Award

 Scanned copies of QSLs are to be E-mailed, to The Awards Manager, for scrutiny 

to "vu2ur(at) ",

or "manohar_arasu (at)".


All Others:

 GCR list or certification by Awards manager of your National Society..

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