Livny 430 award

Livny 430 award
  • Sub.Award Program : == No-Program ==
  • Club of : ==Not-Club==
  • Country for award : Russia
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Digital
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Friday, 01 January 2016
  • End of due Date: Saturday, 31 December 2016
  • Date of record : Monday, 05 September 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Saturday, 31 December 2016
  • EMAIL of award Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The award "Livny - 430" is offered by the Lievens local branch of the CPP Orel region for the purpose of celebrating the 430th anniversary of the founding of the ancient Russian town of Livny.

Requirements: The award "Livny - 430" is awarded for making two-way radio contact with amateur radio stations located in Livny, Oryol Oblast (district the OR - 05 on the list "of the diploma the RDA »). The time period is the calendar year 2016 and you must earn a total of 430 points.

Point Values: 

a. QSOs with special memorial stations of the city = 150 points.

b. QSOs with club stations located in the city = 100 points.

c. QSOs with individual stations of the city = 50 points

d. QSOs with individual radio stations owned by radio amateurs, who previously resided in the town of Livny = 50 points each. (Some of these include: R5GM's , RK3E , R3ET, RN2Y , RV3DDI and others: the list is incomplete.)


Each radio station of Livny may be worked on all bands, including WARC; and repeated QSOs on different bands are valid for the award. 

VHF stations, using frequencies of 144 MHz or higher and up may earn the award by making contacts with calling stations totaling distances for QTH locator of at least 430 km. QSO conducted through VHF repeaters, are not valid for the award.



A. Points are doubled for the applicant:

1. For contacts using the 160 meter band.

2. For applicants making all contacts from Zone 18 and 19 (WAZ).

3. For applicants making contacts with non-CIS countries.

B. Repeated radio contacts with the same station are allowed on different bands and in different modes. Any communication DIGI (PSK31, PSK63, RTTY, etc.) are counted as one DIGI this type of communication.

C. Observers may get a diploma on the same terms.

D. Livny radio amateurs may earn the award to making at least 430 QSOs with different radio stations in the period from 1 January 2016. on December 31, 2016.

E. The award is issued free of charge, in electronic form only.

Diploma is issued to all radio amateurs from Russia and foreign countries.

Address for Application

F. An application for the award is made on the basis of a log extract in the form of call list with details of the date, time, band, mode and signal reports QSO / SWL.

G. Applications for the diploma "Livny - 430" to send to the address: 303851, Orel, Livny Str.. Selishcheva d. 16-A, Apt. 44 Serzhenyuk Alexander Mikhailovich, or an e - mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

H. List of participating stations: R430GL, R60KZI, RP71NP , RP71IL, RT3E, RW3E, R5GM , R5ER , RL3E , UA3 EEL , RZ3EQ , RK3E, R5EJ , RU3EC , UA3ECK , UA3ECV , UA3EEX , RZ3EK , R3EF , UA3EGN , UA3EGS , R3EW , RV3DDI , R3EAV , RZ3EW , RA3EAA , UA3EMJ , UA3EMX , RZ3EN , RN2Y , UA3 EOT , R3EL , UA3ETB , R3ET , RV3ECD, R5EO, R3EQ, RV3EFU, R3EAH , UB3EAP, UB3ECH, R3EAX, UB3EET.

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