LISSA award

LISSA award
  • Sub.Award Program : == No-Program ==
  • Club of : ==Not-Club==
  • Country for award : Austria
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Digital
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Sunday, 22 May 2016
  • End of due Date: Saturday, 31 December 2016
  • Date of record : Saturday, 23 July 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 31 December 2100


The award is the 150-year anniversary is devoted to the remembrance and commemoration of the Battle of Lissa on July 20, 1866 and is donated by the MFCA.

The Battle of Lissa (sometimes called Battle of Vis) took place on 20 July 1866 in the Adriatic Sea near the Dalmatian island of Lissa ("Vis" in Croatian) and was a decisive victory for an outnumbered Austrian Empire force over a numerically superior Italian force. It was the first major sea battle between ironclads and one of the last to involve deliberate ramming.

The highlight of the Award Rules are two radio periods to which the MFCA will activate the special call OE150LISSA will be on the air from 16 July, date of the enemy attack beginning on Lissa ending on July 22, the day that the Austrian fleet victoriously returned to the naval port of Pola 150 years ago.  The second period includes August 13, 2016 the day when in Trieste in 1866 aboard the battleship KAISER a victory celebration was held.

The diploma can be earned as a certificate or Plaque.    The certificate shows the front the battleship S.M.S. KAISER in battle with Italian ships off the island of Lissa. On the back there is a brief description of the battle with an image of Admiral Tegetthoff and his monument in Graz and the Diploma data of the applicant.


Planned Lissa activities:

1.) In all Lissa activities from 16 to 22 July, and 13 August 2016, the special call of OE150LISSA will be active on air. During the anniversary week OE150LISSA will be mainly on board a Danube ship QRV.

2.) Look for special activity from May 22 to 10 June: OE6XMF/MM mainly in SSB on air.

Special event station: OE150LISSA If the special call from an OE State (not operated from Vienna or Leoben) the call sign OE150LISSA/4 is possible.


Using the special callsign OE150LISSA:  

-1. Radio Period: 16 to 22 July 2016

QTH: Danube ships in the Vienna or Portable Operating in OE (eg OE150LISSA / 4.)


-2. Radio Period: August 13 2016

QTH: Leoben or Danube based in Vienna or Portable Operating in OE (eg OE150LISSA / 4.)


Conditions for LISSA DIPLOMA:

The diploma can be requested by any licensed radio amateur, SWL or any Club Station. There are only direct, bilateral connections from 18 April 2016 (18.4.1866 Tegetthoff is Eskader Commander) until 30 Sept. 2016 (30.9.1866 strike of Admiralsflagge).


SWLs may apply for the award on the same basis as Licensed stations.



All HF bands

preferably CW: 3.565, 7.025, 14.052 kHz

preferably SSB: 3,625, 7,060, 14,335 kHz



CW & SSB, each station counts only once

Report information: Because of the different scoring (see below), we recommend to facilitate distinguishing Naval- and Non Naval stations (only) to repeat exchange as if working in a contest:

1. Naval Club members give RST + Club + membership number (for example, "599 CA135")

2. Non-members only RST

Point Values:

- a QSO with the special station OE150LISSA = 50 points,

- for all MM stations, no matter where they are, = 25 points,

- a QSO with OE6XMF (MFCA clubstation) = 15 points,

- 9A-Naval stations * = 10 points, 9A-Afu Stn = 5 points,

- S5 Naval stations * = 10 points, S5 Afu Stn = 5 points,

- I-Naval Stations (INORC, ARMI) = 10 points, I-Afu Stn = 5 points,

- OE Naval Stations (MFCA) = 10 points, OE Afu Stn = 5 points,

- Naval stations (Members of the following groups: MF, RNARS, MARAC, BMARS, NRA, FNARS, YOMARC) = 5 points, - all other AFU stations = 1 point

- * Since there are few 9A / S5 Naval stations at INORC, etc., is considered as a substitute a QSO with a 9A-, S5 station very close to the coast (max. 10km to the sea), or on an island. 

There must be at least OE6XMF or OE150LISSA as well as one (1) QSO with Afu station from the four countries 9A, S5, I and OE appear in the log.

Stations may only be counted one time. (regardless of frequency and mode). CW and SSB QSOs carry the same number of points.

Points Required: at least 150 points are required.

The log must have at least 51% of 9A-, S5, and Italian stations appear OE-stations,

Deadline for contacts is December 31, 2016

Conditions for LISSA TROPHY:

In principle, the same conditions as when Lissa diploma. However, OE150LISSA must be contacted in both radio periods in July and August, in addition OE6XMF must appear as one MM station once in the log. Furthermore, at least one Afu station on the Adriatic coast (also possible island) from 9A to work S5 and Italy. The highest number of points among the submitted logs wins.

Address for Application

A. Paper Certificate: Costs € 15, - incl. Shipping costs. Diplomas Worked be franked with a LISSA special stamp.

B. The Lissa-Trophy previously awarded personally until the next JHV (2017) or other maritime events. On special request, they can also be sent earlier. Costs € 25, -. The TROPHY will be handed over as engraved plaque in a box with a diploma.

All Diploma and Trophy winners will be listed on the MFCA website.

Current information and radio times under QRZ.COM: OE150LISSA.

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