Italian Cathedrals award

Italian Cathedrals award
  • Sub.Award Program : IK3GER Program
  • Club of : ==Not-Club==
  • Country for award : Italy
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Digital
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Tuesday, 01 January 1985
  • End of due Date: Thursday, 30 April 2015
  • Date of record : Sunday, 28 August 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Thursday, 30 April 2015
  • EMAIL of award Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The award “Italian Cathedrals” is issued to OM/SWL for contact with Italian cities/towns with cathedrals. These locations are listed at the following point B).

Requirements :

European Stations

x 100 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application

x 50 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )

x 50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application

x 30 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

You may request any endorsement for band, mode, ecc. 

QSO validity is from 1.1.1985. 

QSL cards are not necessary just send your GCR application

The award is free and will be sent in a PDF or JPG format file.

Send your application via email to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo Corsetti,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. showing QSO data as in the example beneath.


 Example of application – order by town

City/Town C A L L Date UTC MHz 2 x

Trieste IV3DYS 10/03/1997 10.40 14 SSB

Venezia IK3GER 21/11/2011 09.33 7 CW


 Point B) - valid locations

City/Town Province Region Callarea

1 Acerenza PZ Basilicata I8

2 Acerra NA Campania I8

3 Acireale CT Sicilia IT9

4 Acqui Terme AL Piemonte I1

5 Adria RO Veneto I3

6 Agrigento AG Sicilia IT9

7 Alba CN Piemonte I1

8 Albano Laziale ROMA Lazio I0

9 Albenga SV Liguria I1

10 Ales OR Sardegna IS0

11 Alessandria AL Piemonte I1

12 Alghero SS Sardegna IS0

13 Alife CE Campania I8

14 Altamura BA Puglia I7

15 Amalfi SA Campania I8

16 Anagni FR Lazio I0

17 Ancona AN Marche I6

18 Andria BT Puglia I7

19 Aosta AO Valle d’Aosta IX1

20 Arezzo AR Toscana I5

21 Ariano Irpino AV Campania I8

22 Asciano SI Toscana I5

23 Ascoli Piceno AP Marche I6

24 Assisi PG Umbria I0

25 Asti AT Piemonte I1

26 Avellino AV Campania I8

27 Aversa CE Campania I8

28 Avezzano AQ Abruzzo I6

29 Bari BA Puglia I7

30 Belluno BL Veneto I3

31 Benevento BN Campania I8

32 Bergamo BG Lombardia I2

33 Biella BI Piemonte I1

34 Bologna BO Emilia-Romagna I4

35 Brescia BS Lombardia I2

36 Bressanone BZ Trentino A.A. IN3

37 Brindisi BR Puglia I7

38 Cagliari CA Sardegna IS0

39 Caltagirone CT Sicilia IT9

40 Caltanissetta CL Sicilia IT9

41 Camerino MC Marche I6

42 Campobasso CB Molise I8

43 Capua CE Campania I8

44 Carpi MO Emilia-Romagna I4

45 Casale Monferrato AL Piemonte I1

46 Caserta CE Campania I8

47 Cassano Ionio CS Calabria I8

48 Cassino FR Lazio I0

49 Castellaneta TA Puglia I7

50 Catania CT Sicilia IT9

51 Catanzaro CZ Calabria I8

52 Cava de’Tirreni SA Campania I8

53 Cefalù PA Sicilia IT9

54 Cerignola FG Puglia I7

55 Cerreto Sannita BN Campania I8

56 Chiavari GE Liguria I1

57 Chieti CH Abruzzo I6

58 Chioggia VE Veneto I3

59 Città di Castello PG Umbria I0

60 Civita Castellana VT Lazio I0

61 Civitavecchia ROMA Lazio I0

62 Como CO Lombardia I2

63 Concordia Sagittaria VE Veneto I3

64 Conversano BA Puglia I7

65 Cosenza CS Calabria I8

66 Crema CR Lombardia I2

67 Cremona CR Lombardia I2

68 Crotone KR Calabria I8

69 Cuneo CN Piemonte I1

70 Fabriano AN Marche I6

71 Faenza RA Emilia-Romagna I4

72 Fano PU Marche I6

73 Fermo FM Marche I6

74 Ferrara FE Emilia-Romagna I4

75 Fidenza PR Emilia-Romagna I4

76 Fiesole FI Toscana I5

77 Firenze FI Toscana I5

78 Foggia FG Puglia I7

79 Foligno PG Umbria I0

80 Forlì FC Emilia-Romagna I4

81 Fossano CN Piemonte I1

82 Frascati ROMA Lazio I0

83 Frosinone FR Lazio I0

84 Gaeta LT Lazio I0

85 Genova GE Liguria I1

86 Gorizia GO F.V.Giulia IV3

87 Grosseto GR Toscana I5

88 Grottaferrata ROMA Lazio I0

89 Gubbio PG Umbria I0

90 Iglesias CI Sardegna IS0

91 Imola BO Emilia-Romagna I4

92 Ischia NA Campania I8

93 Isernia IS Molise I8

94 Ivrea TO Piemonte I1

95 Jesi AN Marche I6

96 L’Aquila AQ Abruzzo I6

97 La Spezia SP Liguria I1

98 Lamezia Terme CZ Calabria I8

99 Lanciano PE Abruzzo I6

100 Lanusei OG Sardegna IS0

101 Latina LT Lazio I0

102 Lecce LE Puglia I7

103 Livorno LI Toscana I5

104 Locri RC Calabria I8

105 Lodi LO Lombardia I2

106 Loreto AN Marche I6

107 Lucca LU Toscana I5

108 Lucera FG Puglia I7

109 Lungro CS Calabria I8

110 Macerata MC Marche I6

111 Manfredonia FG Puglia I7

112 Mantova MN Lombardia I2

113 Massa MC Toscana I5

114 Massa Marittima GR Toscana I5

115 Matera MT Basilicata I8

116 Mazara del Vallo TP Sicilia IT9

117 Melfi PZ Basilicata I8

118 Mercogliano AV Campania I8

119 Messina ME Sicilia IT9

120 Milano MI Lombardia I2

121 Mileto VV Calabria I8

122 Modena MO Emilia-Romagna I4

123 Molfetta BA Puglia I7

124 Mondovì CN Piemonte I1

125 Monreale PA Sicilia IT9

126 Montepulciano SI Toscana I5

127 Napoli NA Campania I8

128 Nardò LE Puglia I7

129 Nicosia EN Sicilia IT9

130 Nocera Inferiore SA Campania I8

131 Nola NA Campania I8

132 Noto SR Sicilia IT9

133 Novara NO Piemonte I1

134 Nuoro NU Sardegna IS0

135 Oppido Mamertina RC Calabria I8

136 Oria BR Puglia I7

137 Oristano OR Sardegna IS0

138 Orvieto TR Umbria I0

139 Otranto LE Puglia I7

140 Ozieri SS Sardegna IS0

141 Padova PD Veneto I3

142 Palermo PA Sicilia IT9

143 Palestrina ROMA Lazio I0

144 Parma PR Emilia-Romagna I4

145 Patti ME Sicilia IT9

146 Pavia PV Lombardia I2

147 Pennabilli RN Emilia-Romagna I4

148 Perugia PG Umbria I0

149 Pesaro PU Marche I6

150 Pescara PE Abruzzo I6

151 Pescia PT Toscana I5

152 Piacenza PC Emilia-Romagna I4

153 Piana degli Albanesi ME Sicilia IT9

154 Piazza Armerina EN Sicilia IT9

155 Pinerolo TO Piemonte I1

156 Pisa PI Toscana I5

157 Pistoia PT Toscana I5

158 Pitigliano GR Toscana I5

159 Poggio Mirteto RI Lazio I0

160 Pompei NA Campania I8

161 Potenza PZ Basilicata I8

162 Pozzuoli NA Campania I8

163 Prato PO Toscana I5

164 Ragusa RG Sicilia IT9

165 Ravenna RA Emilia-Romagna I4

166 Reggio Calabria RC Calabria I8

167 Reggio Emilia RE Emilia-Romagna I4

168 Rieti RI Lazio I0

169 Rimini RN Emilia-Romagna I4

170 Roma ROMA Lazio I0

171 Rossano CS Calabria I8

172 S.Amgelo dei Lombardi AV Campania I8

173 S.Benedetto del Tronto AP Marche I6

174 S.Marco Argentano CS Calabria I8

175 Salerno SA Campania I8

176 Saluzzo CN Piemonte I1

177 San Miniato PI Toscana I5

178 San Severo FG Puglia I7

179 Savona SV Liguria I1

180 Senigallia AN Marche I6

181 Sessa Aurunca CE Campania I8

182 Siena SI Toscana I5

183 Siracusa SR Sicilia IT9

184 Sora FR Lazio I0

185 Sorrento NA Campania I8

186 Spoleto PG Umbria I0

187 Subiaco ROMA Lazio I0

188 Sulmona AQ Abruzzo I6

189 Susa TO Piemonte I1

190 Taranto TA Puglia I7

191 Teano CE Campania I8

192 Teggiano SA Campania I8

193 Tempio Pausania OT Sardegna IS0

194 Teramo TE Abruzzo I6

195 Termoli CB Molise I8

196 Terni TR Umbria I0

197 Tivoli ROMA Lazio I0

198 Torino TO Piemonte I1

199 Tortona AL Piemonte I1

200 Trani BT Puglia I7

201 Trapani TP Sicilia IT9

202 Trento TN Trentino A.A. IN3

203 Treviso TV Veneto I3

204 Tricarico MT Basilicata I8

205 Trieste TS F.V.Giulia IV3

206 Trivento CB Molise I8

207 Tursi MT Basilicata I8

208 Udine UD F.V.Giulia IV3

209 Ugento LE Puglia I7

210 Urbino PU Marche I6

211 Vallo della Lucania SA Campania I8

212 Velletri ROMA Lazio I0

213 Venezia VE Veneto I3

214 Ventimiglia IM Liguria I1

215 Vercelli VC Piemonte I1

216 Verona VR Veneto I3

217 Vicenza VI Veneto I3

218 Vigevano PV Lombardia I2

219 Viterbo VT Lazio I0

220 Vittorio Veneto TV Veneto I3

221 Volterra PI Toscana I5

Address for Application

Send your application via email to the award manager IK3GER,

Paolo Corsetti,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .

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