Pedro Alvares Cabral award

Pedro Alvares Cabral award
  • Sub.Award Program : REP (CT)
  • Club of : REP(CT)
  • Country for award : Portugal
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Classic
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Wednesday, 01 June 1988
  • End of due Date: Friday, 01 January 2100
  • Date of record : Friday, 01 April 2016
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 01 January 2100


Sponsored by REP to honor the Portuguese discoveries during the XV century and especially the discovery of Brazil in 1500, by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral.  

Contact at least 5 different districts of Portugal and 5 different states of Brazil after 15 November 1945.  


Each Portuguese district including Azores (CU) and Madeira (CT3), and each Brazilian state including the islands of St Peter & Paul, Trinidade and Fernando de Noronha, count for one point.  

For the Basic award, earn 10 points including the 5 different districts of Portugal and 5 different states of Brazil on the four different modes SSB, CW, Mixed or RTTY HF.  

There are 5 different classes and endorsements as follows:

Class Points Name of endorsement
I 20 Golden Sextant
II 30 Golden Compass
III 35 Golden Anchor
IV 40 Golden Astrolabe
V 45 Golden Caravel

There is also an Honor Roll level for earning 50 points or more. Cost of award is 3€ for REP members, 10€, $US8 or 12 IRCs for Europeans and 12€, $US10 or 15 IRCs for all others.  Endorsements are free of charge, but SASE or SAE and 2 IRCs are needed along with the GCR list.  Cost for the "Honor Roll" level is 35€ or $US30 for Europeans and 48€ or $US40 for all others.  

List of the Districts of Portugal:

01 Aveiro 12  Portalegre
02  Beja 13  Porto
03 Braga 14 Santarem
04 Braganca 15 Setubal
05 Castelo Branco 16 Viana do Castelo
06 Coimbra 17 Vila Real
07 Evora 18 Viseu
08 Faro 19 Angra do Heroismo
09 Guarda 20 Horta
10 Leiria 21 Ponta Delgada
11 Lisboa 22 Funchal

List of the States of Brazil:

Number Abbreviation State Name Capital City Call Sign
1   Fernando de Noronha   PY0T
2   Trinidade   PY0T
3   St Peter and Paul   PY0S
4 AC Acre Rio Branco PT8
5 AL Alagoas Maceio PP7
6 AM Amazonas Manaus PP8
7 AP Amapa   PQ8
8 BA Baia Salvador PY6
9 CE Ceara Fortaleza PT7
10 ES Espirito Santo Vitoria PP1
11 GO Goias Goiania PP2
12 MG Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte PY4
13 MA Maranhao Sao Luis PR8
14 MS Mato Grosso do Sul   PT9
15 MT  Mato Grosso Cuiaba PY9
16 PA Para Belem PY8
17 PB Paraiba Joao Pessoa PR7
18 PE Pernambuco Recife PY7
19 PI Piaui Teresina PS8
20 PR Parana Curitiba PY5
21 RJ Rio de Janerio Niteroi PY1
22 RN Rio Grande do Norte Natal PS7
23 RO Rondonia   PW8
24 RR Roraima   PV8
25 RS Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre PY3
26 SC Santa Catarina Florianopolis PP5
27 SE Sergipe Aracaju PP6
28 SP Sao Paolo Sao Paulo PY2
29 TO Tocantins   PQ2


Address for Application

GCR list and fee of 6€ or $US8 and endorsements require a SASE and $US4 or 3E.


Send GCR list including all contact data with at least 2 signatures of witnesses. 

Apply to:  Rede dos Emissories Portugueses, Award Manager, REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses,  Rua D. Pedro V, 7-4°, 1250-092 Lisboa, Portugal.

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