"CP BELARUS" award

  • Sub.Award Program : AGB Award Program
  • Club of : AGB Activity Group of Belarus
  • Country for award : Belarus
  • Type of Award-Trophy: Classic
  • Award or Trophy: Award
  • Begin of due Date: Thursday, 01 January 1920
  • End of due Date: Friday, 01 January 2100
  • Date of record : Wednesday, 13 November 2013
  • Deadline for Application: Friday, 01 January 2100
  • EMAIL of award Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Castles and Palaces of Belarus"

The Award is issued to all stations which towns of Belarus in which are ancient castles and palaces.
Today the Award has two designs, presented on this page. One full-color in style of the photo, another stylized on the ancient manuscript. You can order and receive one of award, or two. During registration of the application and correspondence with the award-manager of program - write at your desire.

Belarus station

20 towns

EU stations

10 towns

DX station

5 towns

The list of "CP BELARUS" Castles and Palaces of Belarus Award (by callareas):

EU1(EW1,EV1) - Minsk;
EU2(EW2,EV2) - Borisov, Logoysk, Zaslavl, Vialejka, Budslau, Svir, Volozhin, Ivenets, Stolbtsy, New Sveryaen, Snov, Nesvizh, Radzilovichi, Slutsk;
EU3(EW3,EV3) - Brest, Skoki, Chernavnitsy, Kamenetz, Vysokoe, Kobrin, Pruzany, Sherenev, Beresa, Ruzany, Kosovo, Stolovichi, Ishkold, Polonechka;
EU4(EW4,EV4) - Grodno Sviatsk, Volkovysk, Gnezdo, Porozovo, Synkovichy, Slonim, Zyrovici, Schtcucin, Muravanka, Lida, Diatlava, Novogrudok, Ivio, Lubcia, Sciorsy, Mir, Gaytunishki, Halsany, Baruny, Kreva, Smorgon, Zalesie, Varniany, Michaliski;
EU6(EW6,EV6) - Vitebsk, Beshenkovichi, Polotsk, Disna, Druja, Miory, Braslav , Vidzy, Glubokoe, Postavy, Komai, Smalany;
EU7(EW7,EV7) - Mogilev, Knyazhitsy, Shklov, Bykhov, Zhilichi, Slavgorod, Kricev, Mstislavl, Bobruisk;
EU8(EW8,EV8) - Gomel, Chaltc, Chechersk, Streshin, Rechitsa, Narovlia, David-Gorodok, Rubel, Kozan-gorodok, Pinsk.

* Earlier, according to the CPBA list you could receive stickers for each additional 5 settlements. Now delivery of stickers is suspended.

Now there is a work for CPBA - Castles and Palaces of Belarus.
This development assumes some subprogrammes in the CPBA Program.
We will periodically add Points of CPBA Subprogrammes, with design of awards and rules of their receiving.

Subprogram CPBA - Castles and Palaces of Belarus = Castles Program - CPBA-CA
There are Subprogram of Castles of Belarus. Castles only.

Castles Program - CPBA-CA Awards

List of towns (by area of Belarus) for basic award of CPBA - Castles and Palaces of Belarus:

CPBA-1-01 Minsk
CPBA-2-01 Borisov
CPBA-2-02 Budslav
CPBA-2-03 Vileika
CPBA-2-04 Volozin
CPBA-2-05 Zaslavl
CPBA-2-06 Ivenets
CPBA-2-07 Logoisk
CPBA-2-08 Nesviz
CPBA-2-09 Novy Sverzen
CPBA-2-10 Radzilovichi
CPBA-2-11 Svir
CPBA-2-12 Slutsk
CPBA-2-13 Snov
CPBA-2-14 Stolbtsy
CPBA-3-01 Brest
CPBA-3-02 Beresa
CPBA-3-03 Vysokoe
CPBA-3-04 Ishkold
CPBA-3-05 Kamenets
CPBA-3-06 Kobrin
CPBA-3-07 Kossovo
CPBA-3-08 Polonechka
CPBA-3-09 Pruzany
CPBA-3-10 Ruzany
CPBA-3-11 Skoki
CPBA-3-12 Stolovichi
CPBA-3-13 Chernavnitsy
CPBA-3-14 Sherenev
CPBA-4-01 Grodno
CPBA-4-02 Boruny
CPBA-4-03 Volkovysk
CPBA-4-04 Vorniany
CPBA-4-05 Gajtunishki
CPBA-4-06 Gnezdo
CPBA-4-07 Golshany
CPBA-4-08 Diatlovo
CPBA-4-09 Zirovichi
CPBA-4-10 Zalesie
CPBA-4-11 Ivio
CPBA-4-12 Krevo
CPBA-4-13 Lida
CPBA-4-14 Lubcha
CPBA-4-15 Mir
CPBA-4-16 Mikhalishki
CPBA-4-17 Murovanka
CPBA-4-18 Novogrudok
CPBA-4-19 Porozovo
CPBA-4-20 Sviatsk
CPBA-4-21 Slonim
CPBA-4-22 Smorgon
CPBA-4-23 Synkovichi
CPBA-4-24 Shtchorsy
CPBA-4-25 Shtchuchin
CPBA-6-01 Polotsk
CPBA-6-02 Vitebsk
CPBA-6-03 Beshenkovitchi
CPBA-6-04 Braslav
CPBA-6-05 Vidzy
CPBA-6-06 Glubokoe
CPBA-6-07 Disna
CPBA-6-08 Druia
CPBA-6-09 Komai
CPBA-6-10 Miory
CPBA-6-11 Postavy
CPBA-6-12 Smoliany
CPBA-7-01 Mogilev
CPBA-7-02 Bobruisk
CPBA-7-03 Bykhov
CPBA-7-04 Zilitchi
CPBA-7-05 Kniazyshty
CPBA-7-06 Krichev
CPBA-7-07 Mstisvavl
CPBA-7-08 Slavgorod
CPBA-7-09 Shklov
CPBA-8-01 Gomel
CPBA-8-02 David-Gorodok
CPBA-8-03 Kozhan-Gorodok
CPBA-8-04 Narovlia
CPBA-8-05 Pinsk
CPBA-8-06 Retchitsha
CPBA-8-07 Rubel
CPBA-8-08 Streshin
CPBA-8-09 Halch
CPBA-8-10 Tchechersk


 Your application (or GCR-list - (General Certification Rule)) with confirming of two amateurs radio and fee (10 US$ / 8 EURO) send to AGB Award Application manager (List of managers - you can see on this page).

You can Pay by WebMoney

money order in USD to Z337208268992
money order in EUR to E287053310064
money order in RUB to R999686136671
money order in USD to Z201789360744
with comments "for NAME-AWARD-award from YOUR-CALL"

For applications from Europe,
and outside Europe :




You can use PayPal


AGB-Classic Awards in USD
Enter You CALL
AGB PDF Awards in USD
Enter You CALL
AGB-Classic Awards in Euro
Enter You CALL



You also can receive AGB awards in alternative version. This in electronic form in the PDF format. For this purpose you should issue the application in the GCR format to send to AGB manager. After confirmation of your application you must to make transaction by PayPal - 3 usd for each award. Obtaining alternative awards possibly only via email and transactions only by PayPal.


Address for Application

All amateurs radio can have AGB awards (and SWLs also). Your application (or GCR-list - (General Certification Rule)) send to Igor OK8EU-EU1EU ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

or via AGB Award Application managers:

Remigijus Vaicius, LY8O (ex LY2MW), P.O.Box 1029, Vilnius 2000, LITHUANIA

Jaroslav Rossler, OK1BZ, ul.Vetrna 2716/8, CZ 40011, Usti-nad-Labem, Czech Republic

Special for Russia => Valery Sorokin, RA3LZ, p.o.box 10, Viazma 215110, Smolensk Region, Russia

If you have any questions - send email for Igor EU1EU-OK8EU ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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